Science and Technology –The Story of the Future

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It is important to know about science and technology. Science and technology are interrelated with each other. Although, there are many similarities, yet a difference exists between them. They are logically related with each other and that makes the difference. Science is logic after all and scientists work day and night to establish their logic and give wings to technology.

Scientific research is on the peak level and there is an innovation each single day. New things and inventions are coming up these days and they are changing the shape of the world. Technological tools operate in our daily life and life has become smarter today. The advent of smart phones and the internet connection is after all the modern day gift of science.

Science deals with logic and analysis. There is no question of imagination. Imagining does not make anything happen, when it comes to scientific logic and analysis. Science pays special attention to analytics and reasoning. Reasoning is completely based on logic and mathematical reasoning. Mathematics is a part of science and many scientific problems are resolved with the help of mathematical formulae.    

The modern day internet connection is the gift of information technology. The internet has made things simple and easier. It is easy to get information about anything from the internet. The internet has become the friend of the modern man and it is the book house of knowledge. If there is no one around, the internet is enough to educate you about the subject matter. In the absence of any teacher, the internet teaches you in the best possible way. This combined application of science and technology has made life simple and easy.

From the dawn of the civilization, science and technology have boosted the generation and we are grateful to the new applications of technology that has been possible due to the scientific logic that works behind it. In the recent times, there has been a huge development in the field of science and technology and the modern generation is the most benefited out of it.

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Worris Levine, is the Senior Information Technology Executive and in charge of computers and information technology at Dallas City Hall. He is the senior executive with initial hands-on responsible for fund raising, business development, company operations, the overall growth strategy.

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