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Interior designing in Kolkata: Where art meets creativity Part II

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With the changing style and fashion agenda, interior designing has become an integral part of construction. Mastering this art is not an easy thing to do. In Kolkata, people prefer to consult an interior designer before making a plan of any building edifice.

Constructing a building or an apartment requires patience and perseverance. Making the design of the building and creating the frame of the construction is not enough. A good knowledge of arts and designing is a must. Creativity and passion blend in designing the interior. The term ‘interior’ defines the internal part of the building, but in reality, it is comprised of the external parts such as the structural framework of the building. The conceptual development of any edifice depends mostly on the knowledge and experience of the interior designers as they act as the planner and designer of that specific construction. They have a clear notion of what to do and how to do.

Kolkata is progressing now-a-days. It has become renowned with its growing prosperity and is elevated as one of the metropolitan cities of India. The city is thriving with the big buildings, apartments, hospitals, airport, rail junctions, hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, malls and many other erections. New constructions get built almost every day. So, the interior designers in Kolkata have many places to show their skill and zeal.

A building has many parts where a good and talented interior designer can show their skill on. The first and foremost one is the inner part of the apartment. Here, the designers can display their potential the most. The interior decoration of the residence comprises of the arrangement of the furniture and also the well-furnished plan of coloring, decorating and designing of the internal portion. Secondly, comes the external part, i.e., the development of the structural framework. Thirdly, comes the decorating and planning of the pavement and driveway. It includes the plan of the parking lot too.

Not only buildings and edifices, there are many other constructions that require the touch of an expert and experienced interior designer, such as the roads, highways and over bridges also come under the supervision of the interior designers. Kolkata, as the metro city ha, thus has a good opportunity to facilitate the jobs of the designers. Let’s see, in which parts the task of an expert designer can be divided-


This is the most important part of a construction. A flawless plan with a perfect perception can bring good consequences in the terms of building creation. The expert interior designers in Kolkata make a preliminary sketch of the plan and thus work to take out the outcome of it.


Along with the planning, the designers can provide the contacts and addresses of some of the finest and best material providers and contractors and also offer a good guidance regarding the structural portion of the erection.


A proper implementation of the plans with the help of the creativity and skill is the last thing to be done.


Martin Luther has performed a series of interview with the employees of Chhasm Engineering and Construction Co. According to him interior designers in Kolkata are progressively coming into the front with the growing demand for providing a lot of benefits to the clients.

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