Install a sisal rug to style your interiors and enjoy it at an affordable cost

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Ever since the ancient centuries, people have been using animal fiber to make rugs or carpets.  The art of weaving the carpet started sometime in the period B.C and oldest one that has been discovered so far, was during the excavation on the Altai Mountain in Siberia. This art was very popular in Middle East of Asia and there has been demand for Persian carpets since early times. Later on, the process of carpet making was traded across European countries and slowly and steadily spread across the entire globe. In the olden days, carpets or rugs were used as floor covers in prayer halls and also in tents. Different designs and shades of carpets and rugs have always appealed to the masses but only wealthy people could buy them. Presently, carpet weavers are giving the opportunity to people from the lower to the middle income group by weaving their carpets or rugs with the synthetic or natural fibers. Rugs or carpets woven from the natural fibers remain a top priority and impress most customers due to their affordability and performance over the long term.

Natural fibers include sea grass, jute, coir and even sisal which are used for weaving carpets or rugs. Sisal rugs are in huge demand these days because its fiber is strong, stretchable and durable. It originates from the cactus plant which is known as Agave. This type of cactus plant grows in the semi arid environment of Brazil, Mexico, China, Tanzania and also Kenya. Sisal rug is made from the extracts of the Agave leavers and crushed and then dried in the sun. Later on, this sisal fiber is used as the raw material for weaving the carpet or rug. They are no more expensive than synthetic ones and appear as-new over the long term in contrast with the carpets made from animal fibers. Therefore, its quality in terms of appearance and performance has appealed to the majority of customers. Floorspace sisal rug has been favorite choice among many people. Floorspace is not only known within Australia but in other countries for offering the international standard carpets or rugs at moderate price. Whatever the color or pattern you choose for buying any carpet from the Floorspace website, it would be immediately delivered to your residence or office within shortest period of time. Floorspace will be ready to replace any damaged product received by the customer. Otherwise, it would not be responsible for replacement of damaged product after delivery. Therefore, it would be advisable to check the product once it is delivered.

Several reasons can tempt anyone to buy a sisal rug which are highlighted as follows:

  1. Made from natural fiber which is sisal that grows in the semi arid environment. It is biodegradable or can be recycled for further use once it is dumped. Its burning in the open environment does not produce any harmful gas.
  2. Available at reasonable price levels and therefore appears to be pocket friendly to online customers.
  3. Sisal rug is perfect as any form of interior décor by being available in different shades and patterns.
  4. Its surface carries the softness to allow anyone to walk or even sit on it comfortably. Unlike a synthetic fiber rug, a sisal rig would not prick anyone who comes in contact. It would not cause any sickness or allergies to the person who has sensitive health conditions.
  5. Perfect in a space filled with heavy traffic or where huge crowd often gather because a sisal rug would act as good sound absorber.
  6. When installed anywhere inside, it gives a protection from the effects of the external environment.
  7. Any form of moist contact can harm the quality of the rug. The color may fade and then the fiber may get loosened. Sometimes, liquid spills may happen which can be countered with blotting with absorbent paper. Club soda should be used for removing the stains of sauce or wine. However, a dry cleaning method is advisable. Floorspace offers a cleaning kit which consists of a brush, dry washing powder and spot cleaner.
  8. It does not produce static electricity like synthetic rugs. Therefore, sisal rug is ideal in the domestic space where kids are highly active and older members stay.

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