Hire cheap tour guides and private cars in Singapore and Malaysia: Part I

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Private guides are the major requirement of the tourists who take a trip to Singapore and Malaysia from across the world. They show the hidden treasure to you. Hiring a personal cab and touring with the help of such a guide is really a different experience.

Many people add Singapore and Malaysia as their next travel destination in their wish list. As these cities have elevated them as the new travel destination and are progressing almost every day, the tourists from around the world, keep these two cities at the top of their travel spot list. The lion city has many hidden treasures in its heart and Malaysia too. These cities are very rich with many places to visit and thus become quite congested with the parade of the world-wide travelers on a daily basis.

Prior to plan, it is important to make a list of the things which are required for a smooth and hassle-free trip. That may include the transportation service, food and lodging and also the schedule of the tour. Even, the list of the names of the places to travel also comprises of the plan. But, most of the people forget of the most important requirement and that is a tour guide. A guide is a must for the people who are visiting any place for the first time. But, certain things should be checked before you choose a suitable tour guide. Let’s see what they are-

The guide should be a native

The knowledge about a place of an indigenous person is genuine and excessive. He or she is born and brought up in that place and that is why they know the place very well. Every nook and corner of that area or of that particular region is on his or her fingertips. They should be well aware of the places to visit in that region such as the museums, aquatics, parks, shopping malls, supermarkets or local markets, memorials, towers, beaches, rivers and many other places. Not only that, the guide should have a clear idea of the procedures and timing schedule of the visiting places too.

The guide should be punctual and reliable

These are the two important traits every tour guide should possess. Private tour guide driven cars in Singapore and Malaysia has such guides in their possession. They are well-trained and properly groomed and thus know the value of the time. They know that the tourists count each and every moment as a precious asset and that is why they always come in time or maybe sometimes, before time. The reliability you can get from them is no doubt incomparable because most of the guides are appointed by the travel and tourism agencies and they take all the responsibilities.

The guide should be educated

If the guides are not that educated, they cannot reciprocate or convey the messages of the tourists. The private tour guide driven cars in Singapore and Malaysia provides well-educated guides with the knowledge of at least two more languages.


Martin Luther has journeyed to various nations in the world. His travel experience has brought him the knowledge that numerous private tour guide driven cars in Singapore and Malaysia is very popular among the tourists. There are lots of benefits behind hiring such a facility. 

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