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    What Is The Best Life Insurance Plan For Me?

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    There are more insurance options now than ever. Whole life policies. Term life policies. From companies you’ve heard of your entire life…and companies you’ve never heard of. Some have an office down the street. Some are on the Internet. Others use the telephone as their primary tool to communicate the supposed advantages of the coverage…

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    Planning for the retiring days of your life…

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    Retirement planning is one of the vital parts of your finances. Most people who plan for their retirement often ponder over questions like how much do I need to save for retirement? Where should I invest my money? How can I get the best retirement plan? These are some common questions in the minds of…

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    Micro Insurance Investing 40 Million in India

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    As much as $40 million could be deployed to India by LeapFrog Investments, a $135 million fund focused on micro-insurance. Jim Roth, co-founder and partner of LeapFrog Investments, stated that “India presents an opportunity as the level of penetration of insurance is very low.” Micro-insurance products are designed to provide insurance coverage at low rates…

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    Online Retirement Planning – All You Need Is Proper Timing

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    The older generation found it hard nowadays when it comes to seeking retirement income for their retirement. This is because of some confusing things that rolls on each and every advertisement found in the net today. They seemed to become lost and detach from the reality. Compare to the new generation and college graduates they…

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    Top Reasons Why Group Insurance Is Great For You

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    More people are opening up to the concept of group insurance in many parts of the world, since they have discovered the rewards that it comes with. Most people have been hit by the harsh conditions of the deteriorating economies in most parts of the world, and more people accept any concept that offers support…

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    Money-Back Policy Life Insurances

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    Apart from typical life insurances, that only pay out in the form of death benefit, some life policies offer a distinctive approach by having an added investment element. The investment element (also called cash value) means that the policyholder is allowed to increase the price of the premiums paid to the insurance company. This supplementary…

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    How to select the Best ULIP?

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    Unit Linked Insurance Plans or rather ULIPsas they are called offer dual benefit of life coverage and market-linked investments. The premium paid under ULIPs are divided in two parts, the first part goes towards the life cover and the other gets invested in funds such as equity, debt or balanced funds. The investor can choose…

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    Term Insurance – the best investment for your family

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    You’ve always tried to give your family nothing but the best. Compromise is not an option. You would go out of your way to bring a smile on your near and dear one’s faces. But life is all about uncertainties. What would happen if something unfortunate were to happen to you? Ever given it a…

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    Ulip Insurance Policy What is ULIP and why should you invest in it?

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    The unit linked insurance policies refer to insurance products which are a combination of insurance and investment policies.  It is a financial instrument which provides life insurance cover as well as offer earnings through various market-linked funds.  Due to this dual benefit feature it has become a popular financial product. ULIP is a long term…

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    Importance of Life Insurance Planning

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    Buying a life insurance is one of the most important decisions of life you will ever make. One buys an insurance with a view to provide his family members or dependents a financial protection against the odds of life. Therefore, the need for adequate insurance planning becomes a crucial task for an individual seeking a…