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    Ensure Education Of Your Children

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    Children are considered as budding assets of the nation. Hoping that they grow up to become future professionals is the optimistic hope of people who are associated with them. Research shows that almost 57 million children are still out of school in Africa alone. The challenge of literacy is huge and many NGO”s , organizations…

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    Are Limited Payment Period Life Insurance Plans Made for You

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    Limited payment period life insurance plans are the ones that allow you to pay the cost for a limited period say 5, 10 or 15 years. Number of years may change according to the type and duration of your insurance policy. This period is lesser than your term period, if you have chosen a term…

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    Need of Term Insurance and It’s Early Planning

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    Amongst various insurance products available in the market, term insurance is gaining popularity and quickly becoming one of the most preferred insurance products. Any term plan in India comes with such attractive features and benefits that it becomes a must to have in your financial portfolio. What Is It? It is a simple, but the…

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    10 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Buying

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    Term insurance helps you ensure financial protection to your nominee in the event of your premature death. When you want to buy the term insurance plan, it’s usual that you may have some doubts regarding the plan, risks and its returns. It’s important to ask your insurer about all your doubts before buying a plan….

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    Know all about Monthly Payout in Term Insurance

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    Major evolution and transformation is being witnessed in the term insurance market as insurance companies coming up with customized products and  different payout options. Typically, term plans is the purest form of life insurance in which the nominee gets the lump sum amount on the demise of the policyholder during the policy tenure. Nowadays, insurance…

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    How Online Term Insurance is Pocket Friendly

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    Online term plan insurance is taking the insurance market by storm. Almost every major life insurance company has term plan insurance in their portfolio and they are promoting it aggressively. More and more people are fining it attractive with growing awareness towards it primarily because of the lower premiums being offered along with the simplicity…

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    Types of Term Insurance Plans – How to choose right

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    If you have been trying to buy a best term plan lately, it is quite possible you’ve come across many types which offer different types of death claim benefits and are not sure which one is right for you. If that is indeed the case, this article will help you pick the right one from…

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    Top 5 Best Online Term Insurance Plans in India in 2017

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    We have around 24 Life Insurance Companies and as of now all insurance companies offer online term insurance plans. Hence, it is hard to shortlist the BEST among them. This post will help you in shortlisting the Top 5 Best Online Term Insurance Plans in India in 2017. What is the meaning of Term Insurance?…

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    How to Buy Online Term Plan

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    More and more people are recognizing the need to buy a term insurance plan. Whether it is due to peer pressure or self-understanding of the importance of a term plan as a counter to risks of life, the fact that awareness is rising is a good thing in itself. However, there are still doubts and…

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    Do Term Plans Offer Surrender Value

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    Buying a term insurance plan is ideally a smart move towards financial security. More often than not, customers get influenced by peers and colleagues and buy a plan that may be good for their friends, but not for them. Once stuck with the plan, they are not able to decide whether to continue with it…